LPG Systems


There are two fundamental types of LPG conversion injection where LPG vapour is drawn into the inlet manifold by individual metered valves or the use of a more conventional LPG carburettor which is a direct replacement of the carburettor or is mounted on the throttle butterfly of a petrol injected engine. Both systems can be run as duel fuel installations if required. Both offer a huge saving over petrol costs with injection costing slightly more to install and offering slightly better fuel savings. You do loose a little power with both systems due to the fact that LPG has a lower calorific value than petrol you will also use slightly more LPG (you can only get out what you put in) .


We carried out our first marine carburettor LPG installation in 1985 on a 2001 Ski Nautique at Thorpe Park. A similar system fitted then is still in use today and is fitted to many boats operating all over the world. It is incredibly reliable with very few moving parts and no electronics. Times moved on and LPG injection arrived, we experimented with this on the 90s. We are recognised installers for Prins and Impco Systems using ether dependants on the customers' requirements.


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